Emilio Lustau was created in 1896 by José Ruiz-Berdejo who was an almacenista in Jerez. Today, the historic producer is considered the global standard-bearer for top quality Sherry. Lustau was named Best Spanish Producer at the International…

Emilio Lustau was created in 1896 by José Ruiz-Berdejo who was an almacenista in Jerez. Today, the historic producer is considered the global standard-bearer for top quality Sherry. Lustau was named Best Spanish Producer at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London, while the oenologist Manuel Lozano, who sadly passed away in 2016, was awarded the Best Fortified Winemaker title seven years in a row.

To showcase the Lustau rangewe are offering two great packs. The first is a mixed 5-pack that introduces all the varieties of Sherry – from the lightest Fino and Manzanilla, to the fuller-bodied Oloroso and Palo Cortado, as well as the decadent Pedro Ximénex.


The portfolio of under $25 a bottle represents remarkable value for their complex, well-made personalities.’ – Robert Parker

The second pack is a selection of three VORS 30-year-old Sherries of which only 1,000 bottles are made every year. As Parker reckons, they ‘are as profound as any alcoholic beverage in the world’. We agree – these are jaw-dropping.

The chalky soils around Jerez in Spain give the wines a fresh acidity, balancing the tertiary characteristics and making them a perfect match for food. The flor and oxidative notes also make these some of the most complex winesSee more about Sherry here.

The lighter styles can be drunk over a few weeks, whilst the heavier, richer versions will last for months once open. These are all dry, except for the PX.

  • Fino and Manzanilla are early-drinking, low alcohol (15%-16%) Sherries and can be consumed very much like unfortified wines. Ageing under flor conditions imparts a distinctive tangy flavour, adding wonderful complexity and depth.
  • Amontillado is an aged Fino or Manzanilla without the flor character. It is richer and more structured with higher alcohol.
  • Olorosos are the most concentrated, aged Sherries and show oxidative notes. They are even higher in alcohol and will display dried fruits, leather and exotic spices.
  • Palo Cortado is somewhere between an Amontillado and an Oloroso, and often provides the best of these contrasting styles.
  • Finally, Pedro Ximénez is an intensely sweet, dessert-style Sherry made from sun-dried grapes.

Tasting notes:

Emilio Lustau, Dry Amontillado Los Arcos 375ml NV – R 135
The dry, medium amber-hued non-vintage Dry Amontillado Los Arcos offers good body as well as a heady personality. – Wine Advocate, 90/100

Emilio Lustau, Manzanilla Papirusa 375ml NV – R 135 
Impressive is the superb non-vintage Manzanilla Papirusa. Its light straw color is accompanied by a spicy, nutty nose, elegant, dry flavors, delicious purity, and a smoky intensity. It would be fabulous with sushi. Drink it over the next year. – Wine Advocate, 92/100

Emilio Lustau, Puerto Fino 375ml NV – R 135 
A brilliant sherry from Lustau, the dry, austere, intensely flavorful non-vintage Puerto Fino exhibits a light green/amber color as well as notes of crushed sea shells, hazelnuts, and spice. This is a top-notch Fino to consume over the next year. – Wine Advocate, 90/100

Emilio Lustau, Oloroso Don Nuño 375ml NV – R 185 
The NV Dry Oloroso Don Nuno is produced from Palomino grapes, fortified to 20%, and aged in American oak botas. Its heady, aromatic nose still has some fruity aromas from the grapes, intermixed with the noble woods, which comes through as a textbook, young Oloroso nose. The medium-bodied palate reveals very clean flavors of roasted nuts and a touch of brandy. It’s a good entry-level Oloroso, with good quality to price ratio. Drink 2013-2015. – Wine Advocate, 87/100

Emilio Lustau, Pedro Ximénez San Emilio 375ml NV – R 200 
The stunning non-vintage Pedro Ximenez Murillo is from a solera between 30-40 years of age. A dark amber color is accompanied by notes of scorched earth, figs, prunes, toffee, and marmalade. The grapes Pedro Ximénez are laid out in the sun for several days. Fermentation is stopped, in order to keep the natural sugar of the grapes. Afterwards this wine is fortified and then aged in the ‘solera and criaderas’ system. Dark mahogany in colour and viscous. Redolent of ripe fruit in the mouth, dried figs and roasted coffee beans. Very sweet, velvety and soft in the mouth, with an extremely long aftertaste. – Wine Advocate, 94/100

Emilio Lustau, VORS Dry Amontillado 500ml NV – R 995 
The NV Amontillado VORS is a huge step up in quality and complexity from the rest of Amontillados. Bright brown color, extremely saline in the palate, sharp as a knife. One has to wonder if in the past the origin of this wine could have been Manzanilla rather than Fino. It is clean with a complex nose of curry, old wood, wax, antique shop and shoe polish as well as an extremely concentrated palate. Drink 2013-2021. – Wine Advocate, 97/100

Emilio Lustau, VORS Dry Oloroso 500ml NV – R 995 
The non-vintage V.O.S. Dry Oloroso is very fragrant, rich, and layered. It is just off dry and very long. 100% Palomino grape. This Oloroso is the result of a selection of the best cask out of 10 which are aged in a Solera founded in the 1920s. The Council of the Denomination of Origin has endorsed this wine with the category VORS, more than 30 years of ageing. Brilliant tones of old gold, with bronze hues. This wine has aromas of nougat, apricots and plums. Intense and warming, mouth filling, reminiscent of marron glacé on the palate and old brandy due to its great concentration. – Wine Advocate, 93/100

Emilio Lustau, VORS Palo Cortado 500ml NV – R 995 
he non-vintage V.O.S. Palo Cortado is fragrant, expressive, and seamless. It offers notes of nuts, marmalade, figs, and dates. This is Sherry for serious contemplation with strong cheese or a Cuban stogie. – Wine Advocate, 96/100


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