Just landed: Gabriel-Glas – ‘A smart investment’

Apr 30, 2024 | All | 0 comments

The only glass you’ll ever need is back in stock! Voted the world’s best universal wine glass by Forbes, Wine Folly and Club Oenologique – and continually a top choice of the New York Times – the Gabriel-Glas remains Wine Cellar’s go-to stemware. ‘With its elegant shape and excellent performance, the Gabriel-Glas is a smart investment,’ says the New York Times. ‘It’s versatile and performed as well in our taste tests as glasses costing twice as much.’

Our last shipment sold out in record time. Lucky for you, we had another shipment on the water. Crafted from Austrian crystal, the Gabriel-Glas can handle any pour. When switching from Champagne to Chenin to Cab to Port during dinner or a tasting, this is the glass you’ll want in your hand.

With impressive durability, the Standards are perfect for everyday use. They also passed the NYT’s drop tests without a crack and are dishwasher safe! Shop from the full portfolio – while stocks last.

‘It’s pretty close to the ideal Swiss army knife glass in that you can use it for pretty much any wine and it costs about half of most top-end stemware.’ – Matt Crafton, Château Montelena

‘Convenience matters. Satisfyingly graceful and easy to reach for.’ – Forbes

‘You’ll be able to notice the difference in how it makes your wines sing no matter the style of wine you pour in it. Wines are lifted and more expressive.’ – Vogue

‘It delivers flavours in a sequential manner. This trait makes Gabriel-Glas fantastic for blind tasting and for improving your palate. The fruit delivery was equal to Zalto, but more fresh in style.’ – Madeline Puckette, Wine Folly

‘A gorgeous artefact with serious practical purpose, lovely to hold and to use.’ – Club Oenologique

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